Guaranteed content %W/W
Total organic matter %56
Organic carbon %24
Total nitrogen(N) %1
Water-soluble potassium oxide(K2O) %3
Ph 4-6

Appearence Liquid dark brown
pH1/10 25°C 5
Density 1,25 cm³
EC (dS/m) (1:1000) -

Package type 5 LT X 4 20 LT.


Product Application time Dozu
Wheat, barley, oat Together with weed pesticide at the tilling period 200-300 cc / da
Rye, rice and it is applied 2 times at the beginning of earing.
Sugar beet, When there are 2-3 leaves and after the 2nd hoe 200-300 cc / da
Carrot, onion It is applied 15 days intermittently 3-4 times.
Bean, peas It is applied 10 days intermittently 3-4 times just after the sowing. 200-300 cc / da
Tomato, pepper At the stage of first bud, beginning of blooming, fructify period 200-300 cc / da
Aubergine, cucumber It is applied 3-4 times
Peach, apricot, apple 50% before blooming, at the blooming and 10-15 days later 200-300 cc /100 lt
Cotton When the com leaves are forming at the stage of blooming 200-300 cc / da
Cabbage, Cauliflower 7-10 dats intermittently 3-4 times, 4-6 weeks after the sowing 200-300 cc / da
Corn, sunflower It is applied 3-4 times before blooming and after blooming. 200-300 cc / da
Melon, watermelon It is applied 2 times before and after blooming. 200-300 cc / da
Lentil, chick-pea It is applied 2 times before and after blooming. 200-300 cc / da
Vineyard Çiçeklenme öncesi %50, çiçeklendiğinde dane teşekkülü başlayınca 3-4 defa uygulanır. 200-300 cc /100 lt
Pistachio It is applied 3-4 times, 20-25 days later then the defloration and before the nouaison. 200-300 cc /100 lt
Olive It is applied 3-4 times Before blooming, first blooming stage and after blooming. 200-300 cc /100 lt
Cumin It is used together with the weed meds at the 3-4 fork stage, it can be applied 3-4 times 200-300 cc / da
Strawberry It is applied 3-4 times Before blooming,blooming stage and after blooming. 200-300 cc / da
Orange It is applied 2 times before the fruit cheeks complete to turn pink. 200-300 cc /100 lt
Potato It is applied 3 times at the stage of stem growing, bud and blooming. 200-300 cc / da
Tobacco It is applied 1 time when the seedling on the pillows and applied 10 days intermittently 2-3 times after seedlings are taken to the field. 200-300 cc / da
Hazelnut First application is to be done at the fructifying stage, other applications are to be applied 20 days intermittently 3-4 times. 200-300 cc /100 lt
Ornament plants It is applied 20-30 days intermittently when the enough leaf surface been formed. 200-300 cc /100 lt
Cultivated mushroom Soil first water, soil last water (before dredge) 250-300 cc /100 lt

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